We Provide Different Services to Various Companies and Organisation

  1. Website Development
  2. Website Designing
  3. Website Hosting
  4. Domain name
  5. Booking and Management
  6. E-Mail ServicesMobile app Development E-commerce and Shopping Rack
  7. There are more than 3000 websites which has been built and managed by Inomy media pvt ltd.
  8. Inomy is the reseller for the new domain launched by Public Interest Registry(PIR) under the program called NGONAMA
  9. Developed online and web based softwares like,real time survey tool, Mobile apps, Online forms etc
  1. Content Development Services
  2. User Interface
  3. Information Design
  4. Layout and Publication Design
  5. Prepress and Printing
  6. Collateral Development
  7. Research Methodologies
  8. Primary and Secondary Research
  9. Field survey – online & offline
  10. Evaluation of over 200 mobile based practices every year through its mBillionth Award across India and South Asia. The evaluation includes authenticity of the project, its sustainability approach and its engagement with community members.
  11. Evaluation of over 20 grassroots NGOs through its Vodafone’s Mobile for Good Programme from the last 4 years. This evaluation also includes utilization of funds, monetization of their projects, their scalability model.
  12. Being Technology and Knowledge Partner of DEF, Inomy has been evaluating mobile based 15 case-studies along with UNICEF. For this purpose, Inomy is involved in primary research; data analysis; publishing the research report. The evaluation includes the cost-effectiveness; project usability and its effectiveness and sustainability of the project.
  13. Inomy will also publish compendium of 150 mobile based best practices. Mobile-App Development:
  14. In strategic partnership with Mint, running fortnightly series called “Digital Edge” that includes research, data analysis, an opinionated column by Mr. Osama Manzar, Founder & Director of DEF and featuring one best practice in each issue.
  15. Published the status report of National Optic Fibre Network (NOFN) to measure the NOFN
  16. Evaluation of 50 ICT and mobile based practices along with NIXI. These 50 case studies have been analyzed and published in form of Digital Bharat.
  17. Published various Internet Economy based books such as NetChakra: 15 Years of Internet, Internet Economy of India, Education Technology in India, Research reports on Mobile for social & behavioral change
  18. Developed various course and curriculums for institutions such as M-Governance course, ICT for Rural Entrepreneurship and Educational Technology Toolkit
  1. Script
  2. Shoot
  3. Video
  4. Production
  5. Post Production Editing
  6. Documentary Film Making
  7. Photography and photo films
  8. Video and Photo Stories
  9. Graphics and Animation
  10. Digital Archiving
  11. Photo Stocks
  12. Documentary Case studies of 50 ICT and mobile based practices along with NIXI.
  13. More than 30 Case studies on Technology based platforms in partnership with Vodafone Foundatiom, Unesco, Soochna Seva etc.
  14. More than 100 Video case studies, Jingles, for Government Entitlements.
  15. 500 small video and animation capsules for different award functions and workshops.
  1. Training & Capacity building
  2. Digital Literacy
  3. Digital Skilling
  4. Vocational Training
  5. Setting up and Management of Community Digital Resource Center
  6. Facilitation of Internet Services
  7. Rural Business Process Outsourcing
  8. Conceptualized and built Wireless for Communities” (W4C, http://wforc.in) for DEF in partnership with ISOC. W4C utilizes unlicensed spectrum and low-cost Wi-Fi based equipment to connect and empower rural and underserved communities. This project helped spread the reach of e-governance initiatives like community service centres (CSC), automation of birth and death certifications, and single window clearance systems.
  9. Inomy has powered DEF’s 100+ CIRC (Community Information Resource Centres, http://circindia.org/) in different parts of India. CIRC centres have been helping connect public rural spaces through community participation to reach the unreached and ensure digital inclusion.
  10. CIRC centres have been instrumental in helping launch Soochna Seva platform (http://soochnaseva.org/) to disseminate information about public services / government schemes via our technology infrastructure and wireless network. With European Union, this program is strengthening the governance structure at district administration level and sub-ordinate public offices (Panchayat & Block offices).
  1. Conceptualisation of Events
  2. Designing Events
  3. Database and Outreach
  4. Venues and Logistics
  5. Rapporteuring
  6. Webcasting, Social Media
  7. Speakers and Participation
  8. Expos
  9. Being Technology and Knowledge Partner of DEF, Inomy has been involved in gathering of more than 5000 best practices through its Knowledge Network & Award programme – Manthan Award, mBillionth, Mobile for Goods, Social Media for Empowerment. These best practices falls under category of Govt. of India’s Mission Mode project priority areas – particularly in domain of agriculture, education, health, e-governance, women empowerment, livelihoods, financial inclusion, localization and inclusive and others.
  10. Managing Manthan Award (http://manthanaward.org/) from the last 12 years identifying and felicitating the best ICT based practices from India and South Asia
  11. Managing mBillionth Award (mbillionth.in) from the last 5 years, identifying and felicitating best mobile practices from India and South Asia.
  12. Managing and running Vodafone’s Mobile for Good Programme from the last 4 years identifying civil society organizations using mobile phone based applications for community empowerment. Also providing financial support to these CSOs to scale up their models
  13. Managing UNICEF’s Mobile for Social & Behavioural Change (MSBC) programme to identify, research and analyses 15 mobile based best practices in categories of health, education, women empowerment, water and sanitation, child protection. The project also include accumulating of over 100 mobile phone based applications and solutions from across India for compilation of compendium.
  14. In partnership with UNESCO and OKC, organized and managed ICT for Disability Event Research & Evaluation of Projects.
  1. Online Jury Process software
  2. Mobile Based Survey Tools
  3. Mobile Heritage app
  4. Mobile app for mother & child for Frontline Health Workers
  5. Online Government Entitlements & Schemes
  6. Developed mobile app titled, “Mobile for Mother” for ASHA workers for tracking and monitoring of pregnant women in Deghar district, Bihar.
  7. Developed a mobile app, m-Heritage that allows users to navigate through the streets, lanes and by-lanes of Shahjahanabad. Using the app one can explore the ancient culture and tradition of the city. Users will be able to upload content, tag and share photographs across various social media platforms.